technology for seniorsTaking care of an elderly loved one is a work of love. This is a task you’re more than willing to take on because you care about the seniors in your life. Yet it can be a challenging job, with many hats to wear. Thankfully, there are a number of tools out there for seniors and their caretakers to make the tasks of a daily living and senior care just a little bit easier. Here are some for you to consider.

Medication Monitoring

  • TabSafe – TabSafe helps seniors and their caregivers manage medications. It features security features and online reporting so even the busiest family members can ensure their loved ones are taking their medications as they should.
  • MedMinderThis automated pill dispenser allows caretakers to set out all medications for the month in one dispenser. Each morning it unlocks and lights up one opening, so the senior knows exactly what medications to take.
  • MedCoachThis app sends reminders to someone’s phone about medications that they need to take.
  • Reminder RosieSet up this app to send a reminder that says whatever you want when it’s time to take medication. For instance, you can program the app to say “It’s time to take the orange pill” or something similar.
  • E-Pill MedTime Station Automatic Pill DispenserNo fiddling with doors or openings with this device. Seniors will hear an alarm and the device will dispense medications into the included cup when it’s time to take them.

Health and Medical Information Organization and Monitoring

  • HealthVault – Gather, store and use health information in one convenient location. This service makes it easier to manage doctor’s recommendations and other health information.
  • Medical Guardian – Medical alert bracelet that is constantly connected to emergency operators to summon emergency help when needed.
  • IndependiaThis smart TV keeps seniors and loved ones connected. It’s a TV, but it also has medical monitoring and alerts built in and can be set up for video calls.
  • QuietCare – QuietCare places small motion sensors around the home to monitor daily activities and send alerts to loved ones when there are unusual changes in behavior.
  • Senior Care ManagerThis app tracks medications, appointments and health needs, and keeps caregivers, friends and family informed when needed. It helps with organizing medical information.
  • Heart PalThis app makes it easier for seniors to track and monitor their blood pressure.
  • GrandCare Systems – This multipurpose system will track activity, monitor medical concerns, display health related information, and even encourage seniors to perform their daily exercises. The touchscreen will also connect seniors with their families on social media, daily news sites and more.

Home Monitoring Systems

  • ADT Home Security – ADT has security systems designed for seniors with security monitoring and medical alerts combined in one system.
  • Home Security CamerasHome security cameras can give you a way to watch what your loved one does while at home. These must be installed with permission but can give both of you peace of mind.
  • CarePredict Home Care – CarePredict’s Home Care monitoring systems monitor things like activity levels to ensure that a senior is active and healthy, even when loved ones are far away.
  • Evermind – Evermind uses electrical use to monitor activity without intruding on privacy, giving peace of mind with minimal daily life disruptions.
  • Safe in Home – Small wireless, cellular-network connected sensors are placed around the home, then send alerts to the caregiver’s phone when something unusual is happening.

Wearable Technology

  • Lively Safety Watch – The Lively safety watch offers one-touch safety alerts, medication reminders, family alerts, step counting, and daily activity sharing.
  • Wisewear Bracelets – Wisewear’s attractive bracelets offer a fitness tracker with a distress call feature built in to help if a senior needs assistance right away.
  • Kanega Watch – The Kanega watch offers medication reminders, fall detection, emergency assistance, guide me home features, and voice activated directions. All features are voice controlled.
  • GoSafeSeniors who are on the go can use GoSafe to get help when needed. GPS tracking ensures loved ones can find an injured senior if an alert is sent out.
  • GPS SmartSoleThis wearable is a shoe insert with GPS tracking built in, which is great for seniors who sometimes get lost or who have a tendency to wander. Loved ones can track location easily.
  • MobileHelpThis wearable device allows a senior to summon medical help when it is needed with the push of a button.

Senior-Friendly Technology

  • Telikin ComputerThe Telikin computer is a computer designed for easy use by seniors who may not be tech savvy. It includes Skype, image sharing programming and other tools preinstalled that seniors often enjoy.
  • Amazon EchoSince the Echo works by just talking, it’s a great way to use technology in a senior’s home. Control home systems, including lights, with just your voice.
  • Kantek Monitor FiltersUse an LCD monitor filter to reduce glare and increase magnification on computer screens.
  • DragonDragon is a speech-to-text software that allows seniors to continue to use the computer even when they cannot type easily.

Social Tools

  • Stitch – This social media network is designed for seniors to help them find friends and fight loneliness.
  • The Golden Girls Network – Find roommates for seniors who need them with this social networking site.
  • SkypeVideo calls through Skype help seniors to stay connected with loved ones who are far away.
  • FacetimeFacetime works like Skype to keep seniors connected with loved ones through video chat options.
  • – Another social networking app designed specifically for seniors, this one helps connect seniors with family in an easy-to-use online platform or Apple app.
  • Nomorobo – This service blocks telemarketers, who have a tendency to prey on seniors. Protect your loved one’s finances by signing up for this important service.